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Practice Areas


Medicaid Counseling

Medicaid Counseling is more than just Medicaid Planning. Mr. Rayle understands that placing your loved one in a nursing home for long-term care and applying for Medicaid is an emotional and difficult decision for most families. He not only helps to navigate his clients through the legalities of the Medicaid Planning process, but Mr. Rayle also guides his clients though the personal stresses that this process can cause.

Medicaid Counseling services include:

  • The Rayle Team being readily available for the legal and personal needs of Medicaid applicants and their families
  • Determining if Medicaid applicants are candidates for Medicaid Waiver (in-home) Services
  • Analyzing and reviewing the income and assets of Medicaid applicants 
  • Explaining the Medicaid rules and regulations
  • Devising and implementing asset and wealth protection plans for Medicaid applicants
  • Determining how to obtain Medicaid eligibility for Medicaid applicants
  • Assisting Medicaid applicants through the entire Medicaid Planning and application process
  • Filing Medicaid applications with the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration ("FSSA")
  • Acting as a FSSA Personal Representative for Medicaid applicants
  • Representing Medicaid applicants during all interactions with FSSA, including the telephonic or in-person interview
  • Representing Medicaid recipients for their annual redeterminations
  • Medicaid appeals
  • Medicaid pre-planning


Elder Law & Estate Planning

Mr. Rayle is passionate about advocating for and assisting the elderly and disabled, as he has devoted his career to this passion. Mr. Rayle handles a wide range of legal matters affecting the elderly and disabled, including financial matters, estate planning matters, and matters affecting the care of seniors, such as assisted living, life-care planning, and Medicaid Counseling. In addition, the Rayle Team is equipped to assist families with the emotional and physical needs of their elderly and disabled loved ones, as well as the challenges that arise for families as a result of these needs.

Elder Law & Estate Planning services include:

  • Preparing or modifying Wills, Trusts, and Financial & Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • Special needs planning
  • Adult Guardianships
  • Long-term care planning
  • Real estate transfers and transactions
  • Succession planning for business owners
  • Medicaid Planning and pre-planning
  • Probate and Estate Administration